FAMILY DINNERS-first Sunday of every month.

Since the beginning of Renew Life Church, we have regularly held Membership classes. The purpose was to give people a clear next step in connecting with the church, to create an opportunity to hear the heart and vision of the Church, and to make it possible for anyone to meet and connect with the leadership team. These things are still very important, however, in an attempt to continue becoming the church God had in mind from the beginning of time, as well as to perpetuate the belief that the church is supposed to be a FAMILY--not a business or an organization--we will no longer be hosting classes. Instead, we will have monthly “Family Dinners” the first Sunday of every month--an event where everyone is invited to come and fellowship with our ENTIRE church family. If you’ve never been to one of our previous Membership classes, our church family invites you to come as our guest absolutely free. If you have been through one of our previous membership classes, then you’re already a part of this family, and the cost is $20 per adult. Childcare for nursery through 5th grade will be provided as well as a free meal for your child, so bring the whole family. We believe that “Family Dinners” will serve as a great opportunity to keep our growing church connected and feeling like the family God has created us to be.